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what is Ivriyah?

Ivriyah (stemming from Ivriy or Ivriyt) is the transliteration of the paleo-hebrew word for Hebrew woman. Pronounced eye-breet-yah, Ivriyah represents the indigenous women of the 12 tribes of Yisra'El which are today's so-called Black, Hispanic, and Native mother elders, women, and girls.


It takes a village. There is strength in unity. We can make impactful differences alone, but together we can change the world. Become a member and join your Ivriyah community, the key to the Kingdom.


What does it mean to be an Ivriyah? What does that come with? Listen to our podcast series #BecomingIvriyah, filled w| motivational & wisdom filled tidbits about the challenges of Ivriyah women of today.


#BecomingIvriyah isn't just to learn. It is also to educate. Share your experiences, motivational tidbits, and pieces of wisdom for your mothers, sisters, and daughters to hear, interact, and share.


What does it take to be the Ivriyah community? A community is comprised of resources, people, and identity. Become Ivriyah by utilizing resources, engaging with others, and connecting to your identity.


Supporting thrust No. 1 & 4

Becoming Ivriyah is a podcast project focused on developing a collection of motivational tidbits, conversations, and memos centered around the lifestyles and challenges of Ivriyahs around the world. Become a member for FREE to hear your elders, mothers, and sisters and let them hear you. 

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