Connect with a sisterhood of likeminded Ivriyahs to support and edify you, your business, and family


Receive exclusive discounts and perks from The Kingdom brands and House of Ivriyah products


Engage and volunteer with a charity, service based organization


Create and collaborate on powerful initiatives for the melanated community


Learn about the disenfranchisement of Ivriyahs and Ivriys 


Raise awareness for problems cursed to Ivriys and participate in solutions


Get access to a network of Ivriy & Ivriyah businesses, events, forums, and more.

Become AN ivriyah.


Joining house of ivriyah is the most important connections an ivriyah can make.

Ivriyahs are a set apart type of womban. She has certain, rare qualities that make her virtuous, strong, and powerful.

the qualities

  • virtuous
  • trustworthy
  • willing & able worker
  • productive
  • thoughtful
  • nurturing
  • strong
  • considerate
  • generous
  • prepared
  • powerful
  • wise
  • kind
  • fearful of yah

Those are a lot of empowering qualities to have. It's okay if you don't have them all! When you become Ivriyah you are striving to be the best womban you can be. It's a work in progress. No one is perfect. We are all in states of perfection. Join the Ivriyah lifestyle to maintain and grow your most empowered you.