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Ivriyah health awareness & Rehabilitation

The Problem

“The United States is home to stark and persistent racial disparities in health coverage, chronic health conditions, mental health, and mortality. These disparities are not a result of individual or group behavior but decades of systematic inequality in American economic, housing, and health care systems.” - American Progress. The systemic disenfranchisement for Ivriy peoples attributes to the facts that the leading causes of death for Ivriys are heart disease, cancer, and accidents; there are 11 infant deaths per 1,000 live births among Ivriy women which is almost twice the amount for other groups in the Americas. Time and time again the US has shown us that they do not care or wish to provide a higher quality of care, health, and longevity for the Ivriy community. We must be provided with alternatives.

The Purpose

The House of Ivriyah has purposed itself to cater an environment of health awareness--mentally, physically, and emotionally-- as well as rehabilitation to the Ivriy community. It seems as though the Ivriyahs get the short end of the stick when it comes to health care. Ivriyah women struggle with appropriate care with qualities that make us womban. The House of Ivriyah intends to provide initiatives, programs, projects, and resources focused on natural, organic materials and practices for feminine care, childbirth and reproductive services, health, fitness, and wellness. 

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