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ivriyah womBanhood re-estbalishment

the problem

It’s hard being a Womban--especially an Ivriy womban. Today, black, hispanic, and native womban are cursed with gender pay gaps, period poverty, period and wombanhood stigmas, underrepresentation as leaders in health, unhealthy violence against womben and girls, and a lack of righteous, moral men to aid in protection, guidance, and empowerment of their Ivriy sisters, wives, and daughters. 

Ivriyahs have been assimilated to a Gentile culture that limits and subjugates their women financially, socially, and economically. The Gentile (anyone who isn’t Ivriy) norm regarding women consisted of fathers selling their daughters into slavery or to be wed, women owning no property or assets, women being required to be veiled in public, and laws making it illegal for women to walk out the house without a chaperone. And, to put the icing on top of the misogynistic cake, wives  primarily existed to give the husband pleasure and sons and to keep the house.  


The Ivriy culture is set apart. Because of YAH’s order, Ivriyahs lived better than their Gentile counterparts, Ivriyah’s had a history of owning land, running businesses, having inheritance, being strong, helping the poor and needy,  having and sharing wisdom, and being warriors for their GOD. 

the purpose

The House of Ivriyah has purposed itself to re-establish order and connect Ivriyahs to their original identity and culture of wombanhood. When things are out of order, they simply just don’t work! If a dog quacked like a duck, it’d be a little strange. It is important for Ivriyahs to walk strong in their own culture. Culture is what makes a people united. The importance of protecting culture lies in the sense of identity, belonging, and integration that it provides. Culture connects people with their identity: moral values, life meaning, knowledge, responsibility, and sacred ancestry. Without culture there are no roots or foundation and community is impossible. The House of Ivriyah has a goal to re-establish Ivriyah wombanhood and order to cater to a world of peace, gathering, and community connection. 

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Becoming Ivriyah is a podcast project focused on developing a collection of motivational tidbits, conversations, and memos centered around the lifestyles and challenges of Ivriyahs around the world. Hear your elders, mothers, and sisters and let them hear you. 


Ivriy street

IVRIY STREET is an economy supporting initiative led by the House of Ivriyah and the Kingdom Over Everything Foundation.

IVRIY STREET is a virtual, economic neighborhood directory of Ivriy Owned & Catered businesses, products, services, and talent.

Ivriy Street is the re-establishment of Ivriy wealth back into the Ivriy community.

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