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What is The house of ivriyah?

The House of Ivriyah is an Ivriy restoration and wellness community service organization that focuses on initiatives and programs purposed to guide the Ivriy community, and specifically Ivriyahs back to their true source of empowerment, light, and love. House of Ivriyah is the sister organization to the Kingdom Over Everything Foundation.


What does House of Ivriyah mean?

Ivriyah, pronounced eye-bree-yah, is the transliteration of the paleo-hebrew word for Hebrew woman/women. Thus, altogether, the House of Ivriyah literally translates to house of Hebrew Women. 


Who founded the house of ivriyah?

YAH crafted the House of Ivriyah. All praise to Him. Alongside YAH, Dejyah Yisra'El and Zhateyah Yahudah Yisra'El co-founded the House of Ivriyah under The Kingdom Over Everything Foundation. The House of Ivriyah was founded to eternally empower our indigenous, Ivriyah elders, women, and girls. The House of Ivriyah was created to connect the Kingdom culture with the modern culture of melanated sisters around the world. 


What is the mission of The House of Ivriyah?

The House of Ivriyah's mission is to re-establish the order of Ivriyah wombenhood to restore and rehabilitate the melanated Kingdom community.

what are the goals of the house of ivriyah?

The House of Ivriyah's goals are to:

  • Bridge the gaps between Ivriyah elders, women, and girls.

  • Foster a community and network of Ivriy resources, businesses, organizations, and people.

  • Construct and encourage circulation of wealth amongst Ivriyah women and their networks.

  • Provide therapy through impactful conversations and a unified community of melanated women.

  • Connect every Ivriyah to the Ivriyah lifestyle for true empowerment and edification.

  • Create and secure a safe space of family, mentors, and resources of all aged Ivriyahs.

  • Educate Ivriyahs on their royal, written history.


The House of ivriyah wants our people back empowered. Shalom. 


Dejyah YISra'el

Co-Founder of The HOI

COO, The Kingdom Magazine

The House of Ivriyah is more than just a community. It's a lifestyle. If we don't serve as the righteous example, then who will?




Co-Founder of The HOI

EXEC coordinator, THe KOE Foundation

"I think its super important to have accurate Ivriyah representation. Without representation, we have complication in living as who we really are versus who people have made us out to be." 

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Kingdom Over Everything

Kingdom Over Everything Foundation is a private foundation that supports products and services to serve as a catalyst for the preservation of the human race focusing primarily on the indigenous tribes. The Kingdom Over Everything  brand is a brand of nobility to bring a light to the darkness by creating initiatives to serve humanity.

The ​Kingdom Over Everything Foundation unites people in the spirit through harmony, peace, and love. We have recognized that social programs can not be the only answer for social issues.

KOE Foundation has identified its mission as solving social problems of an underserved, overlooked, underrepresented, and exiled people. ​


The United nation of yisrael

The United Nation of Yisra'El is the gathered "O Nation, not desired." International Council of Elders is an Inter-Governamental Organization (IGO) founded on the knowledge that nationality and sovereignty are the unalienable right of all of YAH's children. As we bring assemblies, camps and communities together under the bond of the Covenant and a divine governance model, we will be the Great Nation prophesied about in the Holy Scriptures. 


Our work is founded on the following five pillars:


  • The Holy Scriptures are the inspired word of the MOST HIGH YAH

  • The Elders must gather together to fulfill prophesy

  • Divine and Righteous Governance must be fulfilled in the earth 

  • The International Council of Elders represents all people of African Descent

  • YAH is our POWER and besides HIM there is no other